We solve the problems of your business.

The ROTENMANN Group provides sourcing services in the EU for supply departments. Our service is focused on the needs of industrial enterprises from various industries. The ROTENMANN Group has little in common with standard intermediaries, but we have much in common with our customers and suppliers. We value the time of our customers and suppliers and optimize all processes from request to delivery in such a way that they are not disturbing our work.

How do we reduce your costs?

Reducing of transportation costs

Separate deliveries of different manufacturers are consolidated, which eliminates the additional costs for single supplies.

Reducing of banking costs

We issue a single account, which includes all positions. This reduces the cost of banking operations.

Reducing of searching costs

We reduce your search costs to zero. We select suitable components in accordance with your specification and create a single commercial offer with the most favorable prices.

How do we work?

We construct the solution of any problem by the formula time = money, since this affects all participants of our projects. We do not like to hesitate, we love to do.

The office of ROTENMANN GmbH is located in the city of Stolberg in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein Westfalen, NRW), which is the industrial heart of Germany. Strategically advantageous location and proximity to economic centers allows us to carry out transactions in the shortest possible time with minimal costs. The main task of ROTENMANN GmbH is the registration of deliveries, acceptance, verification and consolidation of orders into a single delivery.

The office of the company ROTENMANN RUS LLC is located in St. Petersburg, one of the main trade arteries of the Russian Federation. The company ROTENMANN RUS LLC deals with the preparation of contracts and customs services on the territory of the Russian Federation, thus ensuring the frictionless import of components from the EU, taking into account all the subtleties of the customs legislation.

1.jpg Office in Germany


Phone: +49 2402 8645862
Email: info@rotenmann.com 
Skype: live:rotenmann

2.jpg Office in Russian Federation


Phone: +7 812 628 62 10
Email: info@rotenmann.com 
Skype: live:rotenmann